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    Dominic Uliano

    January 16, 2020

    Humans of Le Moyne: Dominic Uliano

    Dominic Uliano, an English Literature major with a minor in Classical Humanities, graduated in May of 2018. While on campus and since graduation, Dominic has been living “men and women for others.” He is now teaching English in Phuket, Thailand. As he notes, “What makes me most proud [of being a part of Le Moyne] is seeing such a small, tight knit community spreading all over the world, doing good wherever they go. I am constantly filled with pride whenever I hear or read news of Le Moyne alumni leaving their time on the heights to go spread joy.”

    And joy can come in different forms. Coaching a soccer team for the YMCA youth program. Serving as Associate Editor of Le Moyne’s Salamander. Collaborating as a member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer team here on the Heights. Teaching English to high school students in his hometown. All these experiences served to expand his perspective to the point he felt pulled to contribute to the fabric of the community around him in a more substantive way. “I realized that it was great to be home and be comfortable, but that comfort was a warning sign of impending complacency. So, a few months ago I planned with my girlfriend and best friend to move to Thailand. Currently, I am working for a high school here on the island of Phuket. It's called Phuket Thaihua ASEAN Wittaya School. I am teaching English as a foreign language to secondary students. I also found a soccer team to play for here, so on top of teaching, I am playing semi-pro soccer for a club by the name of Vatican F. C. I would say I'm on the right track now because I'm motivated everyday to go explore and practice learning Thai. Really, I would say putting myself in an uncomfortable situation woke me up and reminded me much of my first days at Le Moyne.” 

    We all realize the need for change and respond to that need in a variety of ways. Dominic Uliano has chosen a challenge and is leaning on the growth he experienced here to move forward. As he notes, “Le Moyne was a great balance between being comfortable and pushing students to achieve more. What I mean by that is the professors, and staff, as well as students had each other's backs.


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