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    Photo Samantha Overton

    May 13, 2020

    Samantha Overton '20

    Theatre in general, but especially at Le Moyne, has been such a life saver for me. It was always the thing that got me out of bed in the morning, because I knew I had rehearsal that night. It gave me motivation like no other thing has given me, and as exhausting and debilitating as it can be, I would love to do it forever. Theatre at Le Moyne has been really extraordinary for me. The Performing Arts Center's message is educating the whole artist. There are so many different aspects of theatre and learning all sides of it not only makes you a really well-rounded artist, but you become way more valuable in the real theatre world. The faculty is encouraging and I've learned that everything we experience is a lesson for the real world. Le Moyne has given me the opportunity to work with Gifford Family Theatre, giving me a real acting job and showing me the joys of children's theatre. I've found my true love of theatre at Le Moyne, and the family that I've found along with it is really like no other. I couldn't be more proud of what the Performing Arts Center has become over the years that I've been there.

    I think while I miss the shows that were going up soon, I miss the people more than anything. The PAC is just such a tight-knit family that not seeing any of the theatre kids has really put a damper on things. I miss the energy that they all brought to the building, the way that they could make you laugh or smile if you were upset. Or even just being around someone while you napped in the green room. I really miss my people most of all.

    I think my favorite performances are the ones that I struggled with the most during rehearsals. My freshman year I was in a 6 person show called Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti. I had to do a French accent during the show, something that I never had to do before, and that was a challenge in and of itself. Besides that, I was the only freshman in a cast of juniors and seniors, so I really struggled with feeling like I was pulling my weight amongst such talented actors. On opening night, I remember telling my family who drove 5 hours up to see it, "I'm sorry if I'm not good." However, as soon as I walked out for my first entrance on opening night I immediately felt a burst of confidence. It was the first time I really thought, "I don't ever want to stop acting." That was the most fun I've ever had on stage. 

    Another show I really enjoyed was just this fall, The Black Rider. Playing Pegleg, a devil clown running a circus, was unlike anything I had ever done before. I struggled with finding a connection to such a mystical and evil character, however once I realized I couldn't relate to such an evil character, that's what made it so fun. I absolutely loved playing Pegleg and finding the depths in them. I also had a really cool costume.


    Next year I'll be attending Atlantic Acting School in NYC! It's an acting conservatory and I'm super excited to be learning in an environment that is strictly theatre while also being in such a rich, cultural place like New York City.

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