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    Photo Patrick Burke

    April 20, 2021

    Creating a Unique Path to Success

    When Patrick Burke ‘21 first arrived on Le Moyne College’s campus, he was set on
    becoming a criminal defense lawyer, a path he decided on in high school. Looking to continue
    the Jesuit education he received in high school, he learned about Le Moyne and their emphasis
    on educating the mind, body, and soul. Knowing it is important to focus on self-development and
    growth, Patrick knew that Le Moyne would be a perfect fit. The school’s community was also
    integral to Patrick, saying “plenty of schools claim to have a student body that is close knit but I
    feel like that is really true here.” Patrick would also come to major in criminology. After
    graduating he planned to go onto a graduate program and pursue his dream of helping others
    navigate our enigmatic legal system. But Patrick found a new passion during his first semester
    however, after being cast in a play with Le Moyne’s Performing Arts Center.

    Having had an interest in signing since his time in middle school, Patrick decided to
    explore the world of musicals in the 6th grade, his first role being an unnamed guard tasked with
    swinging a flashlight around. Patrick had never been in a play before, and Le Moyne’s
    production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was his icebreaker. With this newfound interest, Patrick
    altered his education path, and Patrick became the first Criminology and Theatre Arts major at
    Le Moyne. When asked about the unlikely pairing, Patrick said “nobody thought that a
    Criminology and Theatre dual major would be able to happen in four years but both my advisors
    worked together to ensure my success and happiness.”

    Patrick would continue working on other plays, including The Living and more recently
    Everybody, where he landed the leading role. Being able to perform has helped Patrick express
    himself and become an even more empathetic person. Outside of the theatre, Patrick enjoys the
    outdoors, especially snowboarding and going for hikes. Patrick also likes to tie his interest in performing
    into his free time, enjoying role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons with his friends.

    When he graduates from Le Moyne this summer, Patrick plans to attend University of the
    Arts’ Devised Performance MFA Program the next fall. Located in Philadelphia, he will be
    creating works of performance art and strengthening his interpersonal skills. “Pretty soon, I can
    confidently say I will be creating art that faces the world,” he said thinking about his next
    step. As Patrick moves into his next adventure, he won’t forget the friends he made in Le
    Moyne’s tight-knit community and the support system who helped him on his journey.


    Casey Alston '22
    B.A. Marketing
    Digital Intern


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