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    Photo Brent McKeown

    June 22, 2021

    Building Relationships, Building Understanding

    Brent McKeown graduated in 2021 with a degree in accounting, with plans to add his Masters in Information Systems. He's currently a Technology Risk Consultant at Ernst & Young (EY) in New York City. Brent appreciated everyone who helped him along his journey: "There are so many individuals at Le Moyne that have helped me arrive at my current position. From the Career Development Office, to my professors, to coaches…everyone played a pivotal role. One professor that I had a chance to develop a relationship with was even a former partner at the firm I am currently working at." 


    For Brent, his time on The Heights was marked by engaging in various activities on campus, where he had the chance to meet and connect with so many new people. "One program that I had the opportunity to be a part of was the Le Moyne Mentoring Program, where I was paired with a successful individual in the industry I was aspiring to go into. Through conversations with this individual, I was able to get a high-level understanding of the current trends in the industry and discover skills to make me stand out."


    Thinking about his undergraduate experience, he appreciated developing professional relationships with our faculty: "Unlike bigger schools, I have enjoyed smaller classroom sizes and the ability to converse with professors. Getting to know my professors has been instrumental in my professional development. I was always able to ask more questions and garner deeper insight."


    Brent urged current students to get involved on campus from day one. "There are so many opportunities to take advantage of at Le Moyne, you just must be interested and put your hand up!"  A compelling example he shared was his experience as a Research Fellow on behalf of the US Navy, funded by the McDevitt Center. "The McDevitt Information Systems Research Fellowship provided me the opportunity to work alongside Navy Officers, a Google Data Scientist and two Data Scientists from Booz Allen Hamilton in a hands-on application of leveraging artificial intelligence and building an automated process of learning that the Navy could use to interrupt their safety error chain and improve safety outcomes. Not only did I gain technical and analytical skills on this project, but it was super beneficial to lead meetings and to have conversations with professionals."


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