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    Photo Sadie Davis

    October 14, 2021

    A Leap of Faith Worth Taking

    For Sadie Davis ’24, the decision to transfer to Le Moyne was, admittedly, a leap of faith, but one that she is ultimately happy to have taken. Sadie began her college career at a larger institution and, while the experience was valuable and academically engaging, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. That changed as soon as she arrived at the College and suddenly found herself part of a community that she describes as “welcoming, refreshing and versatile.”


    “It wasn’t until I had actually transferred to Le Moyne that I realized what I was longing for in my college experience, as I was instantly welcomed with open arms,” she says. “Even with only a few in-person classes last semester due to Covid-19, I felt more connected to my peers, professors and community than ever before. I remember being overwhelmed with support and guidance from different staff members through the process of transferring, and I continue to feel this sense of encouragement on a day-to-day basis.”


    A chemistry major and member of the College’s Integral Honors Program, Davis is pursuing the College’s 4+1 Chemical Engineering program in partnership with Syracuse University. She plans to work in the STEM field after graduation. Her time at Le Moyne has already helped the Liverpool, N.Y., native to prepare for her future, shaping her in ways that extend well beyond the classroom.


    “I feel like I’ve finally had the chance to embrace myself and my interests in their purest form, while before I may have felt pressure to fit within a certain mold,” she says. “The atmosphere of Le Moyne is so incredibly uplifting, rather than competitive or intimidating. I am constantly reminded of how everyone really wants the best for one another, and I think this is what really brought my academic and personal growth to a new level. I feel more confident in myself and my goals, as a result of being continuously motivated by Le Moyne’s optimism.”


    Her advice to other students considering transferring to Le Moyne: Take the risk.


    “My entire freshman year I had a strong feeling that Le Moyne would be the perfect fit for me, yet I hesitated to act on it because I was scared of failing,” she says. “I now realize that transferring is actually a really brave thing to celebrate, and without taking a chance it is impossible to discover where you truly belong.”


    Le Moyne College is proud to celebrate National Transfer Student Week Oct. 18-22. For more information about what life is like as a transfer Dolphin, visit the Office of Transfer Admission: . 

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