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    Photo Olivia Snell

    April 04, 2022

    Mental Health Edition: One who turned her vision to a reality! It all begins with cura personalis.

    As an athlete, I have it drilled into me that I am a student before I am an athlete (hence the title student-athlete). It is important to recognize, moreover, that before anyone is a student, they are a person. Our Jesuit value, 'cura personalis,' perfectly explains why mental health is important. We must care for the mind, the body, and the spirit - and in order to care for one aspect, you must pay special attention to all three. We also cannot create the community leaders that Le Moyne values without prioritizing our emotional wellbeing. We see doctors and physicians when we are sick and we should baby our minds the same way.

    Students, please take care of yourselves! You cannot perform well, ace that exam, or be at your best when you are run down. Step away from the stigma and prioritize your own well being. Recognizing the days when you need to take extra time for yourself does not make you weak - it makes you stronger, resilient, and allows you to be ready for the next challenges at hand. The wellness center is here for you - take advantage of that! Whether you are struggling, stressed, or just want a listening ear, therapists are a phenomenal outlet for any and everybody.

    I founded the Le Moyne Chronic Illness Awareness Club, because I wanted to draw attention to invisible and chronic illnesses. When you look at me, you cannot see that I am sick, but as a sufferer of lupus and Ehlers danlos syndrome, I know first hand the isolating diagnosis process, the dismissing attitude of those who do not understand, and how alianating hard days can feel. I truly just wanted to make others feel less alone. I am driven to be the person that I needed when I was younger. Aside from raising money for pediatric cancer patients, educating our surrounding community, and shining a light on the commonality of chronic illnesses, we have been able to connect with individuals around the country. Similar to my passion for mental health support, I was inspired ultimately to show others that they are not alone and be a voice for those who no longer have one. I truly believe that we have made a considerable impact in our first year of service. We were awarded the 'Most Valuable New Club' award at the conclusion of last semester. Though we may not change the world as a whole, we have without a doubt changed the worlds of those who we have connected with - and that is something special.

    Olivia Snell '23
    Biology and Psychology

    Category: Student Voices