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    Why a Dolphin?

    The dolphin is the symbol and mascot of Le Moyne College. The use of the sign of the dolphin became common among Christians of the second century A.D. It was popularly considered to be friendly toward man and represented both love and tenderness. Noted for its grace and swiftness, the dolphin also symbolizes the desire for knowledge.

    A figure of the dolphin appears on the seal of the bishop of the ancient See of Syracuse (the official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction or office of a bishop) in Sicily, as well as the seal of the Bishop of the Diocese of Syracuse. Rev. Walter A. Foery, the fifth bishop of the Diocese of Syracuse, made one of his priorities the establishment of a Catholic college. On April 14, 1945, Bishop Foery purchased the 103-acre Gifford Farm and promptly sold it to the Jesuits for $50,000. The Gifford Farm is now home to the College and Foery Hall is so named in honor of Bishop Foery.

    Photo Janiah Cavil

    More Than Just a Dolphin

    Did you realize that dolphins are actually similar to us? They are amicable and lovable, and studies prove that dolphins are one of the most clever creatures on earth!

    Here at Le Moyne, you will continuously hear our saying: “Phins don’t swim alone.”

    Our Dolphin (named Iggy!) establishes a positive environment for students to have a sense of belonging on campus. Representing “love and tenderness,” Iggy reminds us to be “friendly toward man” and to ensure no one is ever left behind. 

    As college students, we often forget that college isn't all about submitting our assignment by 11:59 pm. Our mascot reminds us to have a good time and make every second count, and encourages all to branch out and meet new people. 

    Our time in school is also about creating key memories with others that we can forever cherish. Around campus, you will see how active Iggy is. His energy is always UNMATCHED, whether greeting students, taking selfies, or even bursting out some amazing dance moves. 

    Iggy’s outgoing personality is always accompanied with a high five and hugs. You can never expect what he will be up to next, but you can guarantee he’ll put a huge smile on all of our faces.