Le Moyne College Diversity Mission and Goals

It is our mission, as a Catholic, Jesuit institution, to affirm the dignity of all persons because as creations of God, human beings are each sacred, precious, and equal. We recognize and acknowledge that we are products of a society that makes arbitrary distinctions among us on the basis of characteristics such as race, physical and mental ability, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship status, religious affiliation, and ethnicity (among others). Historical inequities, built and sustained over four centuries, are often driven by human biases and partial interests that serve some and not others. They are not caused by innate deficiencies but by placing obstacles in the paths of those affected by these arbitrary distinctions. These obstacles are found in policies and inequities in resource allocation, enabling some to reach their potential while leaving others behind.  

In order to fulfill our dedication to cura personalis and the wider mission to promote justice in our society, Le Moyne College commits to the identification and elimination of barriers and resource inequities so that each member of our community can flourish to their full, God-given potential.  Further, as a community, we promote solidarity by welcoming and embracing the talents, perspectives, and creativity of every member of our collective body, especially those who have been made vulnerable by historic inequities. As new members join us, we will be both altered and expanded, holding fast to our values and remaining open to new ways of expressing them.  

In order to address all forms of inequity, Le Moyne College commits to:

  • Regularly gather both qualitative and quantitative data to reveal where inequities are occurring.
  • Analyze the data to identify barriers to full participation in our community and full growth of all of our members.
  • Set annual, measurable goals that will be assessed as data is collected.
  • Support the primacy of the voices of the affected populations in all our work and collaborate with those most affected by those barriers to identify ways to dismantle the obstacles.
  • Critically review existing resource allocations1 and develop all new resources with an equity lens.

In order to embrace all members of our community, Le Moyne College commits to:

  • Develop modalities for diverse representation on Le Moyne College governing bodies to reflect the diversity of the community we serve.
  • Develop avenues to learn more about the unique cultures, talents, and perspectives of all community members.  
  • Incentivize all members of our community to consider ways in which their work can be expanded to honor and incorporate the diversity of our community.
  • Provide regular education and professional development that help us cherish the dignity of all people.

This mission and our goals have two focuses:  (1) addressing historical inequities in society that have affected and influenced all institutions of higher learning and, (2) working to build a community that values all members of the Le Moyne community equitably. These focuses are intimately informed by Catholic Social Teaching. We respect the dignity of all humans, whatever social group they belong to; identify our responsibilities to support the rights of all; work to build the “beloved community;” and stand in solidarity with all.  

1 Including, but not limited to, finances, time, space, and equipment.