Ethics at Le Moyne College

A Le Moyne education encourages students to integrate contemplation and action, so they become men and women with well­-developed minds, generous hearts and reflective souls - “agents of change” who work to bring about a more just, humane world.

Applied Ethics in the Curriculum

All Le Moyne students complete a course in Moral Philosophy as an integral part of the Core Curriculum. Some academic programs require an additional course in Applied Ethics of their majors. As a branch of the philosophical study of ethics, Applied Ethics is the systematic investigation of philosophical assumptions that underlie real-world ethical decisions and policies.

  • Computer Science and Software Applications and Systems Development: As developers of software technology, computer science and SASD students need to have an ethical framework in order to make better decisions to improve and safeguard user experiences. Should a developer report a security vulnerability to their supervisor? What if a developer sees their software producing biased results against a certain class of people? What if their supervisor says to ignore the vulnerability or biased results?
  • Cybersecurity: A cybersecurity professional will identify and mitigate risks, improve protection and detection strategies, and develop and carryout response and recovery processes. What should someone do if that individual discovers a high-risk item not being addressed? What if a flaw is found in a protection or detection strategy? Who should the organization communicate with when a cybersecurity attack has occured? How open should the organization be about the potential impacts of an attack?

Ethics, Values & Professional Life Minor


The Ethics, Values and Professional Life minor helps students set their personal and professional goals in an ethically informed way. Students will learn how to think about questions of values, responsibilities and virtues as they appear in a variety of real life contexts and professional fields. The goal is for students to live more meaningful, ethically sound, and professionally fulfilling lives.

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Integrating Learning, Meaning, Calling and Career

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Time in college is filled with a lot of questions: What are my talents? What are my career goals? Who am I as a person? Through the Manresa Program, students begin answering those questions as soon as they set foot on campus. Never alone, they go on a journey of personal, professional and spiritual growth with a diverse set of faculty, staff, administrators and peers. While all bring a different set of experiences and challenges, all help one another more fully answer the enduring life question: What is my role in this world, and how can I best fulfill it?.

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"As an institution of higher learning in the Jesuit tradition, we have a responsibility to encourage our students to think not just about how they will support themselves, but how they will spend the rest of their lives. That is perhaps what we do best at Le Moyne, and that is the kind of critical thinking and immersion that our commitment to ethics is designed to support." - Thomas Brockelman, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy