Le Moyne Goes Green

Environmental Sustainability at Le Moyne College is founded on the Jesuit tradition of service to humanity, social justice and environmental stewardship. We support practices that make our campus a model of environmental sustainability and our curriculum a source of scholarship, teaching and leadership in defense of the environment. Fostering the education of the whole person through our programs rooted in liberal arts and sciences, Le Moyne strives to prepare its members to positively impact the lives of current and future generations and our common home, the Earth.    

Our purpose is to increase awareness and develop actionable plans that incorporate environmentally sustainable practices across campus life.

Grewen Hall Facilities

A holistic approach to sustainability is an integral component of all of the College’s facilities maintenance, planning, and construction operations.

Larry Tanner Sustaining the Earth

This series aims to provide a wide audience of students, faculty and members of the regional community with accurate and up-to-date information about the threats, their causes and measures to meet these threats.

sodexo Sodexo

The Sodexo Campus Dining Team is dedicated to sustainability and working together to make a positive impact at Le Moyne.