Inspired by St. Ignatius

The Jesuit community at Le Moyne is much more than just the number of priests who live and teach on our campus. It extends to the many members of our college community involved with various Ignatian-inspired programs and activities -- taking place both on and off campus -- for the benefit of our students.

With the overall number of avowed religious continuing to decline, the development of programs such as the Ignatian Colleagues Program (ICP), a national program that allows faculty and administrators to learn and experience first-hand the tenets of a Jesuit education. On campus, the College has several programs for faculty, administrators and staff to examine Ignational spirituality -- and put what they learn into practice in the classroom, in residence halls and in any interaction with students.

Le Moyne's Jesuit Community

Fr. Donald Kirby  Rector
  Fr. Donald Kirby, S.J.
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 Fr. William Bosch  Fr. William Bosch, S.J.


Fr. James Dahlinger   Fr. James Dahlinger, S.J.

   Fr. William Dolan, S.J.

Fr. Jason Downer, S.J.



   Fr. Michael Guzik, S.J.

Vi   Fr. Vincent Hevern, S.J.
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Fr. Frank LaRocca, S.J.

Fr. Gerry McKeon, S.J.  

Fr. Peter Murray, S.J.

     Fr. Frank Nash, S.J.


Fr. Patrick Rogers, S.J.  



Fr. Robert ScullyFr. Robert Scully, S.J.

Fr. Louis Sogliuzzo   Fr. Louis Sogliuzzo, S.J.
   in residence at 
   St. Augustine's Church


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For help in discerning what to do with your life, talk to any Jesuit or anyone at Le Moyne Campus Ministry.

In the brand new video, "The Journey to a Great Life," released Sept. 12, 2016, Jesuits in formation share the experiences and insights that inspired them to pursue extraordinary lives as members of the Society of Jesus.