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    Photo Rich Baldwin

    May 03, 2019

    Rich Baldwin '12: Phin for Life

    As with most students, there’s a cloud of anxiety, hesitancy and doubt that hovers over them as they start a new semester at a new school. For him it was no different, the shy introverted junior commuter had finished at OCC in two years and his plan was to do the same for his last two here. “This wouldn’t be so bad,” he thought, “jam all my classes into two days, head off campus for work and fun, and I’ll be done in no time.”

    Little did Rich Baldwin ’12 know that Le Moyne College had a much different plan for him.

    It didn’t take long for Rich to see that Le Moyne was unique. His classes were small and engaging, he made friends easily and, at the end of the day, he really didn’t want to leave and miss what was happening on campus. He soon found a new home on the Heights, studying, meeting and engrossing himself in a world that was a vast contrast from the one he’d known. A world of new people and ideas, a world of diverse cultures and opportunities, a world of growth and challenges, a world in which he belonged. He didn’t just want to be a part of Le Moyne, he needed to be.

    During the next two years Rich spent more and more time on campus and experienced first-hand what it meant to be part of the “Phin” family. When his family encountered financial difficulties he worked one on one with a financial aid officer to find a solution. His professors not only taught and challenged him but they became his mentors imparting lessons that will last a lifetime. He worked with the dean and faculty on perfecting his resume and portfolio, and when it came time to apply for a position at a prestigious firm, Le Moyne’s reputation opened the door.

    Through it all, Rich learned that “College’s end goal is not to get out,” but rather to open the door for a decades to come.

    Since graduation, Rich has remained a key member of the Le Moyne community and continues to give back in so many ways. As an alumni volunteer, he has been an integral member of the Founders’ Day Gala, most recently as chair. Rich, who works as marketing manager at King+King Architects, is a member of the College's Board of Regents and is actively involved in helping to guide its future. He also realizes that his financial commitment is just as important and is a young alumni donor to the Always Forward Campaign: The 75th Anniversary Campaign for Le Moyne; a transformative campaign aimed to strengthen our core programs and position Le Moyne for a strong future.

    Rich truly is a “Phin” for life.

    Rich has generously supported the College's $100 million Always Forward campaign, which was publicly announced in June of 2018. 

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