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    Photo Phonathon Program

    June 26, 2019

    Lasting Connections

    From just beyond the doorway, a bright, steady hum emerges from a group of students, phones pressed against their ears, while the distinct aroma of pizza and markers wafts into the hallway. As one call finishes, another begins. On dry erase boards that line the walls, numbers are erased only to be replaced with larger ones. One pizza is definitely not enough.


    Welcome to a typical night at the Le Moyne College Phonathon Program. 


    Four nights a week, students come together to make calls to alumni and friends of the College. Each call takes a slightly different path. For some it’s about reconnecting with their alma mater, while for others it’s about remembering the professors who changed their lives. Still others have a keen interest in learning about the caller’s own experience. While each conversation is different, there is a certain commonality that exists. A love for Le Moyne comes through loud and clear on both ends of the line.


    It is through this connection that the benefactors’ desire to give back comes through. Every person, with their own unique experiences at Le Moyne, has a desire to help, just as they were helped when they were on the Heights. They see today’s students as a reflection of themselves: hard-working, committed to their values, and fueled by a desire to make a difference in the world. They also understand the financial hardships so many students face and are more than willing to assist them in making their dream of a Le Moyne education a reality. 


    The Phonathon Program is a key component of the College’s Annual Fund and its Always Forward campaign. Unrestricted gifts to Le Moyne enable College’s leaders to direct funds to where they are most urgently needed – toward scholarships, financial aid and a variety of other key components of the strategic plan known as Sempre Avanti, all focused on improving the student experience.   


    A simple call, a conversation, a connection, is all it takes to change someone’s life.


    The College’s Phonathon Program is a vital part of the College’s $100 million Always Forward campaign, which was publicly announced in June of 2018.

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