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    Photo Kelleigh Gustavson

    August 18, 2015

    Kelleigh's Cause

    At the age of 4, Kelleigh Gustafson '18, a biological sciences major, was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which affects the right side of her head, neck and chest. A potentially fatal condition, a vascular anomaly is easiest described as when one's arteries multiply at a dangerously high rate creating a mass.

    To raise money for research and to help those with AVM, Kelleigh’s Cause, a charitable organization, was created.

    In April 2015, Kelleigh appeared on “A Conversation with Cardinal Dolan” on Sirius radio to talk about AVM, her charitable organization, and how her faith has helped her through her lifelong battle with the disease.

    "I had the incredible opportunity to meet Cardinal Dolan recently and I was so humbled by his presence, his prayers and his awesome words of encouragement," said Kelleigh. "I look forward to being on the show to talk about my faith and my mission to make a difference in the lives of all people affected by AVM."

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