Current Study Abroad Program Options


Semester and Year-long Programs

Students are able to study abroad in the country that best suits their academic interests. For those interested in studying in countries in which Le Moyne has exchange programs (England, Scotland, Czech Republic, and the Dominican Republic), they must apply to a Le Moyne exchange, provided it offers the student's major. If not accepted into Le Moyne's program, the student may apply to non-Le Moyne programs once approved by the department chair of the student's major and Office of Global Education. Students choosing not to study in a country in which Le Moyne has an exchange may utilize any program that they receive approval from the department chair of their major and Office of Global Education. Students considering non-Le Moyne programs should make sure that the institution is accredited, meaning that a US or foreign accrediting body has formally classified the school's course work to be college-level and that the student will receive an official transcript. We strongly recommend that all students seek feedback from former participants to ascertain the quality of the study abroad site.

Le Moyne College Exchanges

Le Moyne currently has exchange agreements with the University of Essex and Leicester in England, University of Stirling in Scotland, Charles University in the Czech Republic, and a consortium agreement in the Dominican Republic. These programs are limited in terms of the number of students who can participate in any given semester. However, they can be very advantageous both academically and financially.


Non-Le Moyne College Programs

As mentioned earlier, students have the opportunity to apply to study abroad programs that are not affiliated with Le Moyne College if they obtain the appropriate approval. There are several resources that assist students in searching for alternate options. The following are resources designed to assist students in beginning their search.

  • Academic Year Abroad book - available in the career services resource room and library
  • www.iiepassport.org - this is a great website that compliments the Academic Year Abroad book
  • www.studyabroad.com - this is an excellent search engine, especially for summer programs
  • http://ajcunet.edu/areas/pubs/StudyAbroadPrograms/table.asp - AJCU study abroad website
  • Study Abroad Resources – Brochures available in Le Moyne College's Academic Support Center, 1st floor of the library
  • Study abroad Fair – Held each fall semester in the Campus Center
  • Ask a Study Abroad Ambassador – Talk with past participants of the program
  • Talk to your Academic Advisor/Department Chair – They can provide you with valuable information

Please check with the Global Education Office before applying to any programs not affiliated with Le Moyne College. Upon evaluation of the Application for Visiting Student Status, the program is assessed to determine if it meets the guidelines set forth by Le Moyne College.

Short-term Programs

At times, students are unable to participate in the study abroad program during the academic year and, instead, travel abroad during one of the school's breaks. Many institutions offer programs that take place during the winter break (often referred to as J-Mester), the start of summer (known as May-Mester), and throughout the majority of the summer months. Le Moyne College has recently begun coordinating such exciting programs as illustrated below. Whether a student decides to participate in a program run by Le Moyne College or another institution it is crucial that they seek appropriate course approval to do so. This will clarify how the course(s) taken overseas will impact the student's academic program.

Le Moyne College Programs

During the past couple of years Le Moyne College has been offering several short-term study abroad programs so that students are able to experience the excitement of exploring another culture. Many participants find that a short program often leads to participation in a full semester or year-long study abroad program at a later date. Below are some programs that may be available to you.

Non-Le Moyne College Programs (Short-term)

Non-Le Moyne College Programs

The Office of Global Education does not oversee participation in non-Le Moyne College short-term programs; student participate in them independently. Students considering such participation should attend a summer/short-term study abroad meeting to review the process. During the meeting, students will be given detailed information about selecting a program and evaluating its quality. Those interested should review the International Summer Study handout. Refer to the Le Moyne College calendar on ECHO for meeting dates.