The aim of the Le Moyne College Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research is to provide an infrastructure for collaborative research that serves the needs of the Central New York Community. CURAR's strategy involves fostering dialogue and supporting research endeavors that bring together the various capacities, energies, visions and experience of faculty members, students and local community and government leaders. CURAR promotes an interdisciplinary and active approach to citizenship that includes a diverse variety of community members as well as faculty associates from across the spectrum of academic fields. Guided by the Jesuit mission of economic and social justice, CURAR's ultimate mission is to foster an economic, educational, social, political, and environmental infrastructure for a more just society.

Recent Project Spotlights

Arts Research Takes Center Stage at Le Moyne College: Team of Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Receives Funding to Conduct Research
A summary of this study can be read on Syracuse.com

Examining the Impact of the Imagination Library Program on Kindergarten Readiness, Summer 2015
Executive Summary (please cite and distribute only with author permission)

Apply for CURAR Funding; Become a Faculty Associate

The Committee for Urban and Regional Applied Research (CURAR) is currently seeking applications from
faculty members to become CURAR scholars in 2020-2021. This designation comes with a stipend and is
designed to encourage applied research in Central New York that has a clear benefit for the community.
Projects should involve at least one community member or constituency and faculty members are
encouraged to involve students in their research.

Please go here for instructions on creating and submitting a CURAR proposal.


The CURAR Meda is a college-wide award and students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Learn more about the CURAR Medal