Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

"The laity should accustom themselves to working in the parish in close union with their priests."

-- Vatican II’s Decree on the Apostalate of the Laity


Le Moyne College’s pastoral ministry certificate program offers the training to do just that. It provides academic preparation for particular ministries as well as the option for supervised apprenticeships and spiritual direction through the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse. People who have completed the formation for ministry program through the diocese will have an opportunity to further their studies.


Candidates for the pastoral ministry certificate will create personalized programs in consultation with an academic advisor at Le Moyne. Their work will reflect their background, interests and the needs of the parish where they will work. The program is designed to be as flexible and personal as possible.

Beginning in the fall semester of 2008, the program will be available for three ministries:


duties defined by the pastor


oversees the parish’s finances


oversees the parish’s religious education program

Students may earn a pastoral ministry certificate at Le Moyne in one of two ways:

Track A

Through sponsorship by a parish in the Diocese of Syracuse. This track includes:
•    five courses (three credits each) chosen with an academic advisor
•    supervised apprenticeship and spiritual direction
•    special tuition arrangement
•    commission by the bishop to a particular ministry

Track B

Without parish sponsorship. This track includes five courses (three credits each) chosen with an academic advisor.


Track A: The student is responsible for one-third of the tuition, the sponsoring parish is responsible for one-third of the tuition and Le Moyne College is responsible for one-third of the tuition.
Track B: Students are responsible for the full tuition. Current semester rates apply for tuition.


Candidates should have a minimum of an associate degree, or 60 college credits.


The certificate will be awarded after a student has earned 15 credits. Most courses bear three credits.

Required course

All students must take either REL 375: Catholic Theology or REL 384: Mystery and Symbol: the Christian Creed.


Students will choose four courses based on their personal needs, interests and background and, for those in Track A, the needs of their sponsoring parishes.

The following courses are examples of electives from which students may choose.

Pastoral Associate

ACT 203 Financial Accounting
ECO 113 Principles of Microeconomics
FIN 301 Managerial Finance
HRM 301 Human Resource Management
MKT 406 Nonprofit Marketing
REL 377 The Church: Community in Christ
REL 401 Corporate Responsibility

Catechetical Leader

EDU 315 Planning, Assessing and Managing the Inclusive Classroom
REL 301 Old Testament
REL 331 Christian Ethics
REL 332 Catholic Social Teaching
REL 347 Christian Life: Symbol and Practice
REL 377 The Church: Community in Christ

Parish Business Administrator

ACT 203 Financial Accounting
ACT 204 Managerial Accounting
ECO 113 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 114 Principles of Macroeconomics
FIN 301 Managerial Finance
FIN 401 Investments
MIS 484 Accounting Information Systems
REL 401 Corporate Responsibility

Download brochure and application (pdf)