General Science

Biology Club

The Biology Club is an organization whose purposes are to promote student interest and participation in the life sciences and to provide a social venue through which students may explore shared interests and make new acquaintances. The Biology Club sponsors a variety of events and activities throughout the year, and also assists freshman biology students adjust to college life.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is open to all members of the Le Moyne community who major in the sciences. The club sponsors lecturers from both industrial and academic circles, giving students an awareness of current trends in chemistry. The club is a student affiliate organization of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and makes ACS information and membership available to qualified students.

Physics Club

The Physics Club gives students the opportunity to pursue their interest in physics beyond the classroom and promotes an appreciation for and understanding of the physical sciences among members of the Le Moyne community. The club is a chapter of the Society of Physics Students, the student section of the American Institute of Physics.