Religious Studies



Comments from Alumni...

 Video of James Cochran, Class of 2014, graduate student at Baylore University, on being a Religious Studies major

"My religious studies degree prepared me well and complemented my choice of a career in counseling. Learning about different faiths and diversities helped me relate and understand others as a professional counselor. My degree also provided me with a strong foundation in writing. As a counselor, I have prepared detailed case notes, applied for grants, and consulted with many groups; having such rigorous preparation in research has made me a more effective communicator. I enjoyed the one on one attention I received as a religion major. It strengthened my goals and desires to pursue higher education opportunities."

Kerry Delduchetto, MS, CAS, CCPT
Class of 2007


"I decided to major in religious studies because I enjoy discussing religion and thinking about philosophical questions.  I chose Le Moyne for these studies after examining course catalogues from about 20 colleges and universities.  I realized that Le Moyne's Religious Studies Department offered the larges course selection--and covered the widest variety of religions and how they are related."

Jay Atherton '04 
Presidential Scholar


"My religious studies major served as an excellent foundation for graduate school.  I learned to think logically, communicate clearly and to conduct thorough research.  This major also prepared me to work as a lay minister, college admissions counselor and high school guidance counselor--positions where I have dealt with young people struggling with life's great questions, such as why are we here and how should we conduct our lives?"

Clete Gualtieri '83 MS