Religious Studies

At Le Moyne College, we believe that exploring life's religious dimensions yields valuable insights into individuals as well as entire cultures.   Beyond its often-profound personal impact, religion plays a central role in shaping societies, prompting political action, and influencing the course of history.  Examining the nature and function of religion is therefore an essential part of a liberal arts education, helping students develop a richer understanding of men, women, and the world in which they live and work.

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To achieve this goal and to relate religious values and commitment to contemporary culture, each Le Moyne College students is required to take two (2) courses in religious studies as part of the core education requirements of the College. The first of these courses introduces students to some of the major questions addressed by the Catholic theological tradition, as well as to major questions the tradition has addressed throughout history.  It may include opportunities for inter-religious dialogue, through, for example, comparative study of those questions in relation to other religious traditions. By grounding theology in human experience, the course may also offer theological perspectives on critical issues in the contemporary world.  In the second course, students develop their understanding of the role religion plays in shaping the contours of human experience through the study of one or more religious traditions.  These courses may also explore the connections between religion and other communal and/or individual concerns, including but not limited to politics, ethics, psychology and aesthetics. 

Students are also encouraged to elect additional courses in religious studies beyond those taken to fulfill the core requirement. The department offers major and minor programs of study in the field of Religious Studies.

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