Marketing & Promotion Team

Achieve a National Reputation for Excellence in Jesuit Education

Le Moyne College’s approach to higher education is distinctive and urgently needed in contemporary society. While our work is uniquely grounded in the Central New York region, we also belong to important transnational networks. Our impact is broad and growing all the time. We have numerous state, national and international partnerships and our thousands of alumni span the globe. Le Moyne’s achievements are notable; they deserve to be articulated proudly and heralded widely. Doing so sustains our proud history, promotes our mission and ensures our future success.

The OneLeMoyne Marketing and Promotion Team will cooperate across all College divisions to promote the College and its mission-centered image through consistent marketing, as well as undertaking regular assessment of the higher education market and of prospective students’ perceptions of Le Moyne and their receptivity to our message.

A. Use a full range of print, posters and information centers, social media, Web, interactive displays with touch screen kiosks, and digital interactive screens.
B. Provide marketing and promotional support for key initiatives across the College.
C. Integrate data on higher education market trends into our methods and practices.

Increase local, national and international visibility of Le Moyne College.

A. Build a dynamic and proactive media outreach program, using traditional and emerging multimedia platforms to promote Le Moyne’s multiple forms of excellence and achievements, reinforcing Le Moyne’s distinctiveness and identity.
B. Collaborate with other Jesuit colleges in order to enhance the Jesuit mission and identity (e.g., through JesNet, student recruitment fairs, athletics and promotion of activities relating to Mission and Identity).
C. Institute broad-based involvement in community programming to span educational, cultural, spiritual and athletic activities. Promote the College’s physical and educational assets.
D. Develop a Le Moyne brand identity guide for standardizing marketing materials around the Integrated Marketing strategic positioning plan.

Highlight Le Moyne’s excellence in academics, arts, athletics, and leadership in national and international markets, as well as internally.

A. Design well-appointed and meaningful campus branding efforts to support the OneLeMoyne strategic priorities and goals across divisions. Efforts should include campus signage and décor as promotional and informational.
B. Develop campus-wide strategies to enhance communication among departments and divisions through better coordination and integration of efforts, as well as to engage constituents with a direct relationship to Le Moyne College.
C. Develop skills and networks that facilitate national and international marketing.

Actively enlist the Le Moyne campus community and its stakeholders in disseminating accurate, positive information about the College, while providing support to all staff directly responsible for promotion and marketing.

A. Assign staff to coordinate the College’s marketing strategies.
B. Provide expertise and resources to the College’s various marketing representatives to support their departmental or divisional initiatives.