Le Moyne Celebrates 75 years

75 Ways to Set the World on Fire

In honor of Jesuit education and Le Moyne College’s 75th anniversary, we challenge you to give back to your community.

Here are some examples of how to live out our Jesuit values in your everyday life:

Cura Personalis

Write a note to a current Dolphin

Say a prayer for a fellow Dolphin


Compliment someone who is doing good work

Pursue a new project that brings you joy or that you’re passionate about

Make a list of everything that inspires you

People For and With Others

Volunteer at a local food pantry

Donate unused clothing items to a local shelter

Contact a local congressional representative to advocate for a cause you care about

Contemplatives in Action

Practice the daily Examen

Listen to a guided meditation from one of our community members

Start a daily journal

Finding God in All Things

Go for a walk or hike in nature

Listen to music that makes you feel joy

Write down three things you’re grateful for

Forgive someone who you were upset with

Donate to a local animal shelter or volunteer with an adoption event

Write about a moment in your life in which you felt connected spiritually

Share Your Stories

We want to hear your ideas. Contact us or use the hashtags #LeMoyne75 and #LivingOurMission