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This page was developed to serve as the repository for information specific to the Le Moyne community as it relates to the coronavirus pandemic. Information is being updated on a regular basis. Any specific questions that are not addressed here can be sent to

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Face Covering Policy and Protocols (6/13/22)

Effective Monday, June 13, the following adjustments will be made to the College face covering policy and safety protocols.

Throughout the pandemic, the College has been closely monitoring transmission levels on campus, in Onondaga County and across the state, and has been adjusting health and safety protocols accordingly. As the rate of transmission continues to decrease in our local community and on campus, the following adjustments, which are subject to change, are being made to the College’s face covering policy and protocols.

Regardless of the following changes, individuals may choose to wear a face covering irrespective of the level of transmission and, as recommended by the CDC, are encouraged to consult with their healthcare provider, particularly if they are immunocompromised or at increased risk for severe disease from COVID-19, or if they have someone in their household who is immunocompromised, at increased risk of severe disease or not fully vaccinated. Wearing a face covering based on personal preference is fully supported by the College.

As a caring community, the College respects and supports individuals who choose to wear face coverings following CDC guidance as well as the requests of College office and residential spaces that request face coverings be worn. Individuals can print and display the sign available at this link to express your preference. Additionally, individuals with symptoms, a positive test or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a face covering.

Within the context presented above, the following adjustments have been made to the face covering requirement:

1.     Appropriate face coverings 1 are required to be properly worn (i.e., covering both mouth and nose) by all persons, regardless of vaccination status, in the following spaces, until further notice:

·      In the Wellness Center for Health and Counseling
·      In College vans
·      In all College office, recreational and residential spaces that request face coverings be worn
·      When holding meetings in tight spaces 
·      When required by event organizers for specific talks, lectures, performances, services and similar events

2.     Face coverings do not need to be worn in the following spaces until further notice:

·      In academic spaces, which include all classrooms, teaching labs and other instructional spaces
·      In event spaces, when face coverings are not required by event organizers, during talks, lectures, performances, services and similar events; event spaces include, but are not limited to, the Panasci Family Chapel, Grewen Auditorium, the Reilley Room, the W. Carroll Coyne Center for the Performing Arts, the James Commons and Curtin Special Events Room
·      In hallways, corridors, stairways, and other common non-academic spaces within campus buildings
·      In College office, recreational and residential spaces that do not request face coverings be worn
·      In the LaCasse Dining Center or the Dolphin Den
·      In the Event Center and Recreation Center where face coverings are not required
·      In larger common areas, such as the Noreen Reale Falcone Library and the atrium of the Science Center Addition (SCA)

3.     Additionally, students and other members of the college community who received an exemption and who are not fully vaccinated MUST continue to adhere to required COVID-19 testing protocols as published by the COVID Office and are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering at all times at indoor settings.

Despite these changes, members of the campus community should continue to carry their face covering with them should they need to put it on. Individuals may choose and are encouraged to wear a face covering at any time based on personal preference and as informed by one’s personal level of risk.

The College Event Protocols are effective and remain in place.

Throughout the summer the College will continue its testing protocol as needed to monitor transmission levels on campus, continue to monitor transmission levels in the local community, as well as continue to assess the effectiveness of our COVID-19 protocols. If campus, county or state public health conditions warrant, the campus face covering policy will be adjusted accordingly. Thank you to all members of the College who have taken the necessary steps to ensure that ours is a safe and healthy community.

* Appropriate and recommended face coverings include KN95 or KF94 respirators, surgical masks and face coverings made of at least two layers of cloth. Above all else, a snug fit (no gaps, wired nose bridge, adjustable ear loops), offers the best protection to the user and the community. Most importantly, face coverings with an exhalation/release valve, single-layer gaiter-style neck fleeces and bandanas should NOT be worn on campus.