Bright Minds: Student Support

Many talented students who long for a Jesuit education and belong at Le Moyne can't afford to join us, and we simply can't afford their absence.

To support these students, we will strengthen our scholarship offerings and ensure that no deserving student is turned away. Increasing support will ensure we provide the best Jesuit liberal arts education at the most affordable price to as many deserving students as possible. 

Meet Student Need

Le Moyne has provided generous financial support throughout its history and is proud of its commitment to accessibility, affordability and opportunity for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. It's who we are. The numbers speak for themselves: 

  • 100% of all incoming first year students receive a scholarship through our Promise New York program
  • 95% of all students rely on financial aid
  • 46% of students participate in the NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
  • 34% of students receive Pell grants

Fund a Scholarship
It's no secret: Students who graduate with significant debt have to make difficult choices and are limited in their professional choices and living arrangements. This limits the positive impact that can make in their professional field and on society. 

We can only reserve the best financial aid packages for the highest-achieving students, leaving many highly-qualified and deserving students without the help they need to make a Jesuit education affordable. Endowed scholarships provide this extra support. Once established, they exist in perpetuity and increase over time, creating continuous aid for more and more students. 

Meet the Students You Support


Fund the Experience

Experiential Learning

Experience is the best teacher. Our students conduct independent research with faculty members or pursue summer internships and fellowships. These activities require financial support for materials, travel and equipment. Often, fieldwork is completed during the summer, requiring additional expenses from students. An endowed fund to support these research programs would distinguish Le Moyne for the quality of our academic experiences. 

Career, Connection Continuity
Volunteerism, summer internships, and service-learning are just as important as the lessons learned in classrooms and often help determine career goals. Yet, in many cases, students must choose to take summer jobs that do not complement their career aspirations. The more we are able to help our students secure "real-world" experiences, the better prepared they will be to contribute meaningfully in their chosen fields. With your support, modest financial aid will enable students to engage in career-related experiences that will lead to more competitive first jobs and more attractive career options.