Derived from the Greek words “philos”, which means loving and “anthropos”, which means humankind, philanthropy can be broadly defined as a love for humankind. From a generous land donation in 1946 to incredible annual support from alumni, the success of Le Moyne has always been made possible by those who give in the name of love for “dolphinkind”.

Students become a part of this tradition when they make their own gift in support of to the College. By joining other dolphins who pay it forward, students make a lasting impact on their own Le Moyne experience, and that of others. By making a gift to the College, students also become part of the Student Giving Society and take an active role in influencing philanthropy at Le Moyne.




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Class of 2023

Seniors - go out with a splash! Track your class giving goals and learn more about this year's Senior Gift Campaign here




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