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    Photo Allyson Diaz

    March 04, 2019

    Meet Allyson Diaz

    What are some of the best experiences you have had in the program?

    Some of the best experiences at Le Moyne include networking with others. I have taken a variety of classes - some geared in nursing and others in business. I have met so many people that have offered great insight and knowledge, which has enhanced my experience. Additionally, I have not met a more diligent or helpful faculty. Many teachers went above and beyond; offering their personal time to help answer questions, act as a resource, or simply point me in the direction of where I needed to be. I never felt "alone" or that I was not supported. Feeling like I had people who were invested in my success was a great feeling and made for a fulfilling experience.

     How is the nursing program preparing you to take the next steps in your nursing career?

    This program is preparing me by putting me in real life situations. Assignments have essentially been rehearsals for the future, allowing me the chance to learn and grow from my mistakes. Projects that I have completed have resembled things that are happening in the real world. The program has given me the opportunity to get comfortable in the role I am preparing myself for. Giving presentations was difficult for me when I first started the program, and now I have never been more confident in my ability to talk to a group of people. Every time has made it easier for the next time.  


    How does Le Moyne’s mission and values resonate with you in your personal and professional life?

     The mission statement resonates with me on a personal level because the education provided to me was comprehensive and integrated my personal values and beliefs, preparing me to serve the community more efficiently. Additionally, the values resonate with me on a professional level and personal level by striving for social justice and being committed to serve others. Furthermore, commitment to sustainability is important as we make efforts to be more conscious of how our actions impact the world we live in.  I believe we are all here to for a purpose and that purpose has something to do with bettering the lives of others. We must BE the change we wish to see in the world and that starts with ourselves. Doing what's right and not what's popular while infusing each action with LOVE is how I am living the mission and values of this institution.

     What advice would you give to a student who is thinking about entering the program?

    My advice: GO FOR IT! The resources are abundant, the opportunities are endless, and the program is set up with your success in mind.   

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