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    Chris Cantanno

    April 30, 2019

    Humans of Le Moyne: Chris Cantanno ’19

    Chris Cantanno ’19 came here four years ago a biology major, preparing to enter the field of medicine. Change is a constant, and in his first year here, Chris realized change was needed for him, as well. Ultimately, he found his calling in teaching English. He graduated this May with a degree in English, a concentration in education, and minors in Film and Spanish.

    “Vocationally speaking, I want to be a teacher who shows his students that they deserve love, support and education. Le Moyne College has made it its mission and vocation to make sure students understand that love, support, and education are the fundamentals of having a successful and happy experience, and I am hoping that I am able to bring this into my own classroom.”

    His advice? “Firstly, be yourself, and be it loudly. At Le Moyne, everyone's voice is heard. Take advantage of being a part of a collegiate and professional community that is empathetic and tolerant toward the entire student body and staff. Secondly, get involved. The friends I have made, the people I have met, and the great things I was involved in will be with me for the rest of my life. You won't regret being too involved here. Thirdly, attend a service at the chapel here. Regardless of your religion or creed, the weekend services are a great way to meet people and to reflect, which is necessary for a healthy college career. Lastly, let yourself make mistakes. Le Moyne College is a safe place. If you fall down at this wonderful institution, there will be several hands extended to help you to stand up. For anyone who heeds these tips: you will be so, so ready for the future.”

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