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    Maddy Locastro

    November 19, 2019

    Humans of Le Moyne: Maddy Locastro

    Maddy Locastro is moving faster than the speed of light. However, she does this with a quiet grace that leaves a strong impression. Before coming to Le Moyne to begin her academic and vocational journey, Mary “Maddy” Locastro had begun her exploration. Taking a gap year between high school and college, Maddy went Quito, Ecuador, to work with children at the New Hope Children’s Home and then to Arequipa, Peru to do similar work. Returning to the states, Maddy walked on Le Moyne’s campus and her engagement and energy continued to fuel her passion for her vocational and personal goals. Ever serving, she is, “working as hard as I possibly can to ensure that my dream of becoming a developmental pediatrician is realized. I am also proud to be a third generation dolphin and to share this experience with my younger sister, Katherine.” With an anticipated graduation in May 2021, Maddy Locastro is well on her way to realizing her goals of becoming a developmental pediatrician in order to help kids with developmental disabilities both locally and globally.

    As she shares, “After graduating from high school I moved to South America. While living in Quito, Ecuador I served adolescents with developmental disabilities. Subsequently, I moved to rural Arequipa, Peru where I volunteered at a children’s home. Through these experiences, my love for helping children and especially those who face unique developmental challenges deepened tremendously. Here in Syracuse, I work part-time as equipment coordinator in the Center for Development, Behavior, and Genetics at Golisano Children’s Hospital. By helping kids and families navigate the process to obtain durable medical equipment (e.g. wheelchairs), my desire to pursue a future focused on serving children is reaffirmed every day.” With all this, Maddy also excels in class as a Biology major with minors in Spanish, chemistry, psychology, and applied statistics. Her classes, according to her, “have been phenomenal in stretching my perspective and offering times of reflection. Developing a base of knowledge is important, especially as I prepare for medical school."

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