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    Photo Mehmet Kilinc

    July 22, 2021

    Faculty Research Spotlight: Dr. Mehmet Kilinc

    Telehealth systems with a motion capture technology, which can track a patient’s body movements with high accuracy, have the potential to reduce the number of in-person visits and provide frequent monitoring of patients. In this research, we aim to develop and evaluate a telehealth system as a virtual physical therapy solution. The telehealth system, which tracks and stores body movements using a Kinect sensor, will guide the patient on physical therapy exercises by providing on-screen instructions, allow physical therapist to define/customize exercises for each patient, and generate reports of patient progress.


    About Dr. Mehmet Kilinc

    Mehmet Kilinc is an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at the Madden School of Business, Le Moyne College. Prior to joining Le Moyne, Dr. Mehmet worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Oregon State University and Penn State University. Dr. Mehmet has taught several courses at Le Moyne including Business Analytics, Machine Learning for Business Applications, Data Science, and Supply Chain Management. His research interests include developing and applying analytical methods to analyze and design healthcare and information technology systems.


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