Lock 1 (Middle School)

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Lock 1 provides intensive support for students (sixth, seventh, and eighth graders) through the Quantitative Thinking Village (QTV) at Le Moyne. With curriculum developed and implemented by Tech4Kidz, QTV introduces students to the field of coding and to careers that depend upon these skills through school year and summer programing. Students are invited to attend the summer program on the Le Moyne College campus.  The program continues to engage students throughout the academic year to maintain interest in quantitative thinking and related activities. It also provides professional development for Syracuse teachers.

Participants in the QTV are interested in math and science, and enjoy learning new skills that build on those interests. Quantitative Thinking Village participants are students that show motivation in and outside of the classroom and are able to work independently as they need to manage their own schedules and attend online classes.  

Lock 1 activities include:

  • Learning programming principles by using Scratch, a block program developed at the MIT Media Lab. 
  • Participants have the opportunity to try hands-on engineering activities.  
  • Gaining an understanding of the programming principles such as loops, variables, functions and conditionals. 
  • Learning web design using HTML, CSS and an introduction to JavaScript.  QTV participants learn the design features of a website and learn how to alter JavaScript code to change the functionality of the site.  

Interested in learning more? Email qtv@lemoyne.edu.

Lock 1 graduates are welcome and encouraged to continue their ERIE21 experience in Lock 2!