President's Club

Linda LeMura and our alums
Le Moyne graduates know their alma mater is a place that is special, distinct and full of heart. It makes an impact. So do members of the President’s Club, who provide the College with an annual gift of $1,000 or more.

The members of the President’s Club have helped the College achieve some pretty impressive things – to grant financial assistance to outstanding, deserving students who otherwise might not be able to afford a Le Moyne education; to hire dedicated, engaged faculty who can speak not just to their students’ classroom contributions, but to their dreams; and to offer an enriching campus life that nurtures students’ personal, intellectual and social development.


Benefits offered to the President's Club members:

  • Invitations to President's Club receptions and events
  • Discounted admission to alumni events
  • Recognition in the online Honor Roll of Donors   
  • Exclusive copies of the President's Club newsletter and Le Moyne College Annual Report