Reunion Giving

Make Your Reunion Gift Now

Celebrate with your class, support your alma mater! Class reunions are a great way to reconnect and give back to the College on behalf of your class. Classes celebrate reunions every five years from the 5th through the 50th. Golden Alumni Reunion Weekend will be celebrated May 20-22, 2022 and Reunion Weekend 2022 will be celebrated June 3-5, 2022. 

Gifts and pledges to the College during the fiscal year (June 1 - May 31) will be recognized and counted in the class-giving total, which is measured in two ways: total dollars contributed and class participation rate. 

There are many ways to support your class effort. Our alumni have established a generous tradition, starting with the Class of 1951 of stretching their annual gifts for those special reunion years. Many times a healthy competition ensues between reunion classes, which ultimately benefits our students.

Join the count! You can make your payments online with a credit card, or you can send in a check. You can also make a pledge over five years and the total pledge amount will be included in your class goal. Annuities, trusts and bequests can be added if they are documented. 

Many Le Moyne alumni and friends chose to donate appreciated stocks to support our students and receive tax benefits. To help you learn more about potential savings, please use this free resource

For those alumni 70.5 or older there is an opportunity to support Jesuit education through retirement savings. IRA gifts help to reduce your future tax burden and help you meet your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for the current calendar year. Learn more with this free resource.

Thank you for taking time to consider a gift to the College in honor of all your meaningful classroom experiences and the friendships you built on the Heights. Make your reunion class gift here!

Here are our current totals: 

 Grad Year Donor #
Donors To-Date Giving Goal  Giving To-Date
1952 25 20 $10,052 $36,917
1957 40 28 $16,057 $21,035
1962 45 47 $80,062 $46,540
1967 65 66 $75,067 $698,104
1977 100 104 $110,077 $146,077
1982 100 85 $40,082 $31,099
1987 120 133 $45,087 $64,386
1992 65 57 $20,092 $14,019
1997 97 100 $9,797 $29,159
2002 45 45 $10,002 $7,025
2007 40 26 $5,007 $4,476
2012 60 39 $5,012 $3,655
2017 50 44 $3,517 $3,141

*Giving totals updated May 11, 2022. Figures in bold indicate a goal has been exceeded
This report does not include pledges or any variation of stock property (sold). Soft credits & matching gifts are included in the totals. 
Check the Honor Roll for updated class volunteer lists and giving updates.